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Summary: RECOMMENDED Our rating is due to the owner’s involvement in the “adult” industry, as well as their promotion of highly marked up numismatic coins over bullion

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The Birch Gold Review that follows is brought on by the growth in the numbers of putting their retirement money into gold and other precious metals.

The IRS allows those who have 401k or IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) to use the money in the purchase of precious metals like gold and silver.

These precious metals are then viewed as an integral part of the 401k or IRA investment fund.

It is worth noting that if your retirement strategy is a 401k , that means it is controlled by your employer ,therefore you may not be able to to invest in gold or any other precious metals .

Secondly, you might only be in a position to invest in a 401k plan in precious metals if you are retired from the employment for which the plan was established .

Those restrictions do not affect IRAs.

There is a lot of curiosity about converting IRA or 401k assets into precious metals , and that has impelled many precious metal traders to actively target those with 401k or IRA schemes in their promotion endeavours .

Since thesedealers are keen on selling their products , those people who do respond to the businesses in question need to make sure that they are dealing with a trustworthy company.

The internet makes it much simpler for consumers to check out any business or service trading in the US.

Anybody who is looking at moving all or part of their 401k or IRA revenue into precious metals should take advantage of this convenience before making any transactions.

Birch Gold Group is just one of several organizations supplying expert services to individuals who want to use 401k or IRA funds to invest in gold and silver or other precious metals.

The California-based business has established an outstanding reputation, and it looks like they could be the right choice for those who are planning to roll their retirement schemes to precious metals.


A good place to begin from is with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). The BBB monitors companies to make certain they are adhering to the Bureau’s mission statements.

Trust and integrity are key aspects, and they are pretty important when it comes to financial dealings.

Our Birch Gold Review discovered that the business has an A+ score with the BBB. That is the highest rating that the BBB gives a company, so that is a positive.


As part of our review, we examined the company’s ranking on the BCA (Business Consumer Alliance).

The BCA keeps track of complaints against businesses by means of very sophisticated computer software.

As with the Better Business Bureau, grades or ratings are given businesses, and, once again, Birch Gold Group gets the highest rating possible from the BCA, that is to say AAA.

Aditionally, it should be observed that there are not any complaints registered against Birch Gold Group on the BCA site.

That does not mean that everybody is pleased. As we will see later in this review, not everyone is content with the way the company performs, and it would seem that some people simply did not take the trouble to record any issues with the BCA.

We examined the company’s rating on a few review sites. On TrustLink, the firm gets a 5-star rating, but has only 29 reviews.

TrustLink was created by the BBB to give investors a way to tell others about their experiences, both positive and negative, with companies.

An online search will reveal that there are some very serious question marks about this specific company.

There are several complaints about the company’s unwillingness to share details about its configuration.

The company’s site has hardly any specifics about the business, aside from basic contact information.

There is no background information about the company directors or management, and there is nothing relating to the company’s history.

That contrasts with most trustworthy businesses, who give a considerable amount of details about the business for viewers.

Questionable Sales Approaches

Many online complaints about the organization are related to the way it sells precious metals.

Individuals looking for 401k or IRA investment ventures are normally encouraged to invest in gold bullion.

Yet, many people have complained that Birch Gold Group tries to sell them collectible silver or gold items, for instance coins, and that the firm charges a lot more than the market price for these goods.

Complainants state that the rates quoted were up to 30% above market price.

There have also been complaints that the company is more like a telemarketing business than an investment advisor.

People point out that company employees appear to be reading from prepared scripts, and are unable to satisfactorily answer questions not covered by those scripts.

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