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WebsiteFeesBBB RatingTrustlink RatingBCA Complaints
Scaled based on amount A16 Complaints

Summary: RECOMMENDED Our rating is due to fairly numerous complaints on Trustlink and BCA, and a reported 20% markup on gold.

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Precious metals provide you with added edge when you are investing your hard-earned cash.

This is because the worth of these metals rises down the road as opposed to other options such as cash IRAs, stocks, and mutual funds.

Still, every Gold IRA company comes with its own features that may attract you, the investor, or not. This article gives you an unbiased Rosland Capital review to guide your decision.

A Review of Rosland Capital

This is one of the businesses featuring Gold IRA services. Its headquarters are in Santa Monica, California.

The enterprise gives you the chance to buy, trade, or sell metals such as silver, gold, platinum, and palladium.

The company was established in 2008, with the chief goal of supplying reliable facts to investors and the general public about the benefits of precious metal trading.

Besides precious metals, the company also offers you the chance to invest in commemorative coins by using their affiliate, Rosland Commemoratives and Historic Collectibles.

The strength of the organization derives from the staff that manages the investment tasks.

Rosland Capital has assembled a competent team that cumulatively features more than 100 years’ experience dealing in precious metals. This gives them an advantage over many companies on the market that use novices.

What are the Products Offered?

The company provides a quantity of options for you to invest your cash. You can invest in gold, platinum, silver, and palladium.

You choose what the best choice is after finding out information about each alternative.

Moreover, the business offers additional options, including coins. The coins include:

  1. 10-ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf.
  2. 10-ounce American Gold Eagle.
  3. 10-ounce South African Krugerrand.
  4. 10-ounce American Silver Eagle.

Your choice depends on what you seek in terms of investment potential and what you can afford.

You can obtain the information you need by visiting their site or phoning one of their staff via a toll-free number posted on the site. This way, you make the best decision on which option is best for you.

How Do You Trade with the Company?

If you would like to invest in precious metals, you can get quotes directly from the company via their toll-free telephone line provided on the company website.

This allows you to find out more information about any option including the rates. Rosland ships out the metals you have acquired within ten days of payment for the items.

The firm also provides an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) for those who would like to invest in precious metals this way.

This option allows your investment to enjoy growth based on a tax-deferred basis.

In addition, you may withdraw the IRA tax-free though this depends on the type of account you have selected.

The Level of Support

The company comes backed with a competent support team that can help you make an informed decision as to the best option for you.

You get all the assistance to open an account as well as choose the kind of precious metal that is best for you with respect to your financial plans.

The support team is always at hand when you want to get a quote on the selling price of the metals.

Rosland Capital also offers several educational materials for your benefit as an investor.

For one, you can obtain the free gold guide that details the various options you have and how to go about everything.

In addition, the company offers newsletters you can subscribe to. The newsletter gives you all the latest information on the precious metal field.

Rosland Company Professionals

A Rosland Capital review worth reading will include the positive sides of the company. These include:

Commission-free Buyback Policy

Rosland is one of the few companies on the market that would buy the precious metals you bought at the ongoing market price.

This means if you wish to dispose the metals off quickly, you can sell to the organization instead of spending valuable time searching for a buyer.

High BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an outstanding authority when it comes to rating the performance of companies.

Rosland Capital been awarded an A+ from the BBB since its inception.

Free Consultation

The company provides comprehensive info on its items.

The competent customer service ensures you completely understand what you are doing so that you choose an alternative that meets your objectives as an investor.

Low Minimum Investment

The minimum investment required by this business is $1,500, which is lower than what most companies ask for.

The Cons

Low Ranking with the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA).

The business has an A rating with the BCA out of a maximum score of AAA.

The poor ranking stems from 18 complaints that have to do with misrepresentation of information and undervaluation of clients’ account holdings.

3 out of 5 Rating with TrustLink

This average score is due to allegations of inferior customer service, exaggerated advertising statements, the posting of inaccurate balances for clients, and false buyback program claims.

Adverse RipOff Report

Four complaints have been filed against the business in the RipOff Report. Several clients state that they paid high commissions and that the price of the coins was high.

Better Business Bureau

Rosland Capital BBB

7 complaints closed with BBB since March 10, 2013

The Complaintboard

Ripoff Report

Business Consumer Alliance


Total: 7 complaints

Which is the Best Company to Choose?

The Rosland Capital Review pointed out some of the company’s drawbacks.

That is the reason why you need to deal with a business that can give you a superior deal for your investment.

Regal Assets is strongly recommended with the following perks:

  1. All fees are waived the first year of purchase.
  2. Flat storage fees for your purchase.
  3. Flat annual administrative fee.
  4. Your purchase is delivered in no longer than seven days.
  5. Speedy processing period.
  6. Guaranteed buyback plan.
  7. Exceptional customer care.
  8. A perfect score with BBB, TrustLink, and BCA.
  9. Nothing but positive reviews from past clients.
  10. No complaints recorded yet.

Final Considerations

The company you decide to work with performs a significant role in the way your investment goes.

From the detailed Rosland Capital review above, you discover the risk for your investment if you chose that company.

However, if you trade with a dependable enterprise such as Regal Assets, you will be in good hands.

RipOff Report

Past clients have posted 27 complaints against the company’s service.

So, Which Is the Best Option for You?

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